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  • Jim Woods In Defense of Elon Musk Space Capsule on Way of the Renaissance Man

    Jim Woods: In Defense of Elon Musk

    “Quick, check out the Joe Rogan Podcast on YouTube. Elon Musk is smoking a pot!” That’s the frantic text I got from an investor friend of mine who knows I’m a fan of both podcaster, comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan and Tesla Motors (TSLA), SpaceX and The Boring Company founder and CEO Elon Musk. […]

  • 8 keys to cultivating a renaissance man mindset by jim woods

    8 Keys to Cultivating a Renaissance Man Mindset

    By Jim Woods Life is man’s game. More specifically, it’s game best played by a Renaissance Man. Now by “man,” or “Renaissance Man,” I don’t mean to exclude females. In fact, I know plenty of females who are “manlier” and more Renaissance Man than their male counterparts. When I refer to “man” or “men” or […]

  • 5 quotes to live by written by jim woods

    5 Favorite Renaissance Man Quotes to Live By

    By Jim Woods When it comes to the wisdom we all need to get us through life, and to help us navigate its inevitable turbulent emotional swings, sometimes all we need is the power of a great quote. As a Renaissance Man, I’m a big fan of finding wisdom about life from all sorts of […]