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  • a renaissance man needs to be the lead mare written by jim woods

    A Renaissance Man Needs to Be the Lead Mare

    By Jim Woods I’m a horseman, and I own several horses and a small ranch in Southern California. I love these intelligent animals, and I take pride in learning about myself from one of the best teachers on earth — the horse. You see, the horse is a herd animal, and one that has evolved […]

  • 5 ways a renaissance man can improve communication written by heather wagenhals

    5 Ways a Renaissance Man Can Improve Communication

    By Heather Wagenhals, Founder and Host, The ability to communicate cogently and objectively is essential to becoming a Renaissance Man. You can possess all the knowledge in the world, but if you can’t communicate that knowledge to others clearly, then you will be hamstrung both personally and professionally. To fully engage the Renaissance Man […]