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Apple Earnings Declines Serves up Humble Pie for Shareholders way of the renaissance man starring jim woods

Apple Earnings Decline Serves up iPhone Humble Pie

Is this an earnings stumble, or a fall and time to be humble for tech giant Apple? Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble When you’re...
way of the renaissance man 2019 starring Jim Woods focus integration celebration season three 3 unlock your wealth today tv starring heather wagenhals

Jim Woods Season 3 Guest Appearance on Unlock Your Wealth Today

Today I was the special guest on one of my favorite financial TV shows, Unlock Your Wealth Today, with host Heather Wagenhals. If you’d...
How You Park Your Car is How You Approach Life By Heather Wagenhals for Way of the Renaissance Man Jim Woods

How You Park Your Car is How You Approach Life

By Heather Wagenhals How a Renaissance Man does anything is how a Renaissance Man does everything. This includes how one parks his car. For a Renaissance...
5 ways a renaissance man can improve communication written by heather wagenhals

5 Ways a Renaissance Man Can Improve Communication

By Heather Wagenhals, Founder and Host, UnlockYourWealthToday.com The ability to communicate cogently and objectively is essential to becoming a Renaissance Man. You can possess all the...