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pachyderm Wednesday wisdom way of the renaissance man starring Jim Woods

The Wisdom of Southbound Pachyderm

Watching the majesty blow past Speculating which will be the last Savoring my piece of pie And there is no reprise They’re filling the sky Southbound Pachyderm –Primus, "Southbound Pachyderm"   Introducing...
way of the renaissance man jim woods wednesday wisdom

Hiatt’s Cry to Me

Come on and cry to me baby You can even lie to me baby I’m probably gonna let you down, but I swear I won’t keep you...
subway full of people featuring way of the renaissance man jim woods

A Magician’s Business Wisdom

“I’m a big fan of huge populations of people, so you’d think with 300 million people in the country, you don’t even have to...
Ameircan Flag folded upon a headstone tribute to memorial day in united states

Memorial Day and the Renaissance Man Jim Woods

Today, Monday is Memorial Day. This is when we honor those who gave their lives in battle to ensure we are free to think, free...