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Wednesday Wisdom Featuring Rush Roll the Bones

Roll the Bones Featuring Rush

"We go out in the world and take our chances Fate is just the weight of circumstances That’s the way that lady luck dances Why are we...
Spirals within spirals with a clock embedded starring way of the renaissance man jim woods

Wheels Within Wheels in a Spiral Array

Wheels within wheels In a spiral array A pattern so grand And complex Time after time We lose sight of the way Our causes can’t see Their effects — RUSH, “Natural Science”   One...
water droplet rippling water on way of the renaissance man starring jim woods

The Wisdom of “Still”

Lost in an abstract thought Dazed and distracted Winded yet still I’m caught With a fragment of doubt Slowed by reflection, but These moments will pass Still, halfway up the...
Renaissance Man advice for the challenges ahead looking down the road way of the renaissance man starring jim woods

Renaissance Man Advice for the Challenges Ahead

My counterpart, my foolish heart A man must learn to rule his tender part A warming trend, a gentle friend A man must build a fortress to...
5 Renaissance Man Quotes to Live By Featuring Jim Woods

5 Favorite Renaissance Man Quotes to Live By

By Jim Woods When it comes to the wisdom we all need to get us through life, and to help us navigate its inevitable turbulent...