10 Punk Rock Rules for Success

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Welcome to today's Audio Essay from Way Of The Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

As a Renaissance Man, Jim Woods recognizes and admires greatness in all areas of life. As a musical talent and frontman for his own band in the 90's, Jim acknowledges and gives his “hat-tip” to today's legendary audio essay feature.

And now, here's Jim Woods.

“I just wish to shine brighter, and if it burns my body to a crisp,
I’m happy to go right now.”
-Henry Rollins

That bit of high-intensity wisdom comes from a man who I admire deeply; singer, songwriter, spoken-word artist, author, actor, radio and TV show host, publisher and true renaissance man, Henry Rollins.
Henry made his mark on pop culture as the frontman for the quintessential punk rock band Black Flag, and then later via the Rollins Band, and he turned that experience into a multi-faceted and eminently interesting career fit for a true polymath. His career continues today, mostly through writing and one-man spoken word shows that combine the intensity of a punk rock concert with the intellectual stimulation of a Ted Talk.
If you are a long-time reader of The Deep Woods, part of my financial publications, you probably know that I am a huge music fan and a huge fan of renaissance men (and women) who are able to do many different things in life and to do those things very well. In fact, this entire website and podcast appropriately called Way of the Renaissance Man, is dedicated to extracting wisdom and knowledge from these types of individuals so that we can apply that wisdom and knowledge to our own lives.
A couple of years ago, another polymath I admire, entrepreneur, investor and business inspirer Evan Carmichael compiled a list that he called “Henry Rollins’s Top 10 Rules for Success.” You can watch the video on YouTube. I recommend doing so, as it will give you a sense of the intensity and focus Henry puts into just about every breath he takes.


Here is a list of those top 10 rules (complete with sage advice straight from Henry himself), rules that I also try to live by, and rules that can help everyone — regardless of what stage they are in life — achieve just that little bit extra that makes life glorious.

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