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Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods Fan Favorites from Season Three.

As we prepare to launch Season Four of the Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods, here are the Fan's Choice Top Five Episodes from Season Three based on popularity of downloads.

Number Five.

Smoking Cigars With Saddam Hussein Featuring Kelly Hillyer

Kelly Hillyer smoking cigars with Saddam Hussein Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

What’s it like to be responsible for guarding the highest-profile prisoner of the Iraq War? That’s a fascinating question, and the answer is equally fascinating, equally complex, and equally spellbinding.

In this episode, Jim speaks with Kelly Hillyer, the U.S. Army officer in charge of Saddam Hussein’s security detail. And while you might initially think guarding a tyrant would be an austere detail what you’ll discover is that the job was much more nuanced, and much more human than you can imagine.

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Number Four.

Helping Musicians Achieve Greater Wellness

Helping Musicians Achieve Greater Wellness Dr. David Allan Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

The music you’ll hear is an excerpt from a song written and performed by today’s guest, Dr. David Allan.

David is a Renaissance Man in the true sense. He’s an accomplished jazz guitarist, pianist, and trumpet player, and his early career and formal educational background is in music.

Yet like so many Renaissance Men, David is a seeker, and after pursuing his music career for a number of years, he began looking into ways to help people, and his fellow musicians, enhance their wellness and live better, healthier lives.

In this episode, you’ll learn all about David’s journey, and his approach to integrated wellness, one that incorporates chiropractic care, posture and movement education, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition.

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Number Three.

Renaissance Man Jim Woods Moves to the Hot Seat and is Positioned to Win

Renaissance Man Jim Woods Media Appearance Position to Win Podcast

The tables are turned as Jim moves from host, to guest.

Jim's Media Appearance:

In this illuminating interview with business consultants John Paul Mendocha and Gabe Bautista for their Position to Win podcast that originally aired March 12th, 2020, Jim reveals his personal history, including his educational and professional background.

What's Discussed:

More importantly, you’ll learn about Jim’s approach to life.

  •  why he does so many different things
  •  how he focuses on the ideas he loves
  •  how he integrates those ideas and translates them into action
  •  and how he then celebrates those integrated ideas in action.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out what makes this Renaissance Man “tick,” then this special reprise interview with Jim is geared just for you.

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Number Two.

Talking Politics, Ideas, and Gold With Good Friend Rich Checkan

Politics Ideas Gold Friends Rich Checkan Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

What do you get when you bring two Renaissance Men together to discuss the current political, social, and financial market craziness?

You get a really fun, lively, and informative conversation between Jim and former U.S. Army officer, West Point graduate, and current expert on investing in precious metals, Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International.

In this episode, Jim and Rich talk about the Capitol Hill insurrection, the state of societal discord, the importance of listening to others, and the current and future prospects for investing in gold and other precious metals.

If you want to sit in on two friends discussing critical topics of the day, and how to approach them Renaissance Man style, then this is the podcast for you.

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Number One most watched episode of Season Three….

Putting One Fake Foot in Front of the Other Featuring Steve Martin

one fake foot in front of the otherSteve Martin Title Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim WoodsSome men, when faced with overwhelming, life-shattering adversity, choose to embrace the circumstance. And in doing so, they live a life of epic inspiration.

In this episode, Jim speaks with just such a man, former Army soldier and retired police officer, Steve Martin.

Steve is an Afghanistan war veteran whose battlefield injuries cost him both of his legs.

Yet rather than allow that to stop him, Steve chose to overcome his personal battles, conquer his inner demons, and live a life that we all can aspire to.

From overcoming pain medications and becoming one of the first double-amputee field police officers in the country, to becoming an athlete whose participation in high-profile competitions has elevated awareness for life after amputation, Steve is a man whose mindset we all can learn from.

If you want to be inspired by a real-life hero and learn about his new adventure with Friends of Freedom USA, then Jim’s conversation with Steve Martin is just what you’ve been looking for.

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Stay with us as we bring you Season Four of Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods. In this new season, join Jim as he continues speaking with many more interesting Renaissance Men, and Women, who can help us identify, understand and assimilate the key ingredients essential to constructing a life well lived. This season boasts entrepreneurs, politicians, media and sports personalities, and a passionate non-profit leader making a difference in the world one village at a time.

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