Cultivating a Survival-based Combat Mindset Featuring Troy Coe

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Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man, reality self-defense and cultivating a survival-based combat mindset.

Combat is a serious business.
If you ever have to confront an assailant in a life or death physical struggle, what do you need to know to survive?
In this episode, Jim speaks with expert combatives instructor Troy Coe, founder of Reality Defense Training, an Arizona-based self-defense academy that emphasizes what’s called a survival-based approach to martial arts.
In this fascinating discussion, Jim and Troy talk about the nature of
combat, why scenario-based combat training is a must to prepare you for a real-world confrontation, and why you need to experience an adrenaline dump in order to learn how to manage the physiological stresses that occur during high-stress situations.
If you value your life, and if you value the lives of those you love, it is incumbent upon you to learn how to protect and defend that life. Troy Coe is a man who can help you do just that, and you’ll discover the myriad ways how, in this deep dive into the martial mindset.
And now, here’s Jim’s conversation with Troy Coe.


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