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Defining, understanding and experiencing happiness requires thought and effort.

Mastering Happiness and The Virtue of Happiness author Dr. Joel Wade helps you get clear on happiness and how to pursue it on today's episode.

Welcome to the Way the Renaissance Man podcast. This is a show about ideas, personal empowerment, and celebrating the rational life. Our goal is to help each other discover the tools needed to better focus our minds, integrate our thoughts with actions, and live the lives we really want with your host Jim Woods.

Who's On:

Today's Guest from our FreedomFest interviews is Dr. Joel Wade, MFT, Life Coach, podcast host, and author of Mastering Happiness and his lastest book, The Virtue of Happiness.

Dr. Wade first started working with clients in 1980. For many years he worked primarily as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Los Gatos, California. Additionally, he worked as a teacher of graduate students and therapists over the years. As a Life Coach, Dr. Wade finds that he can bring all of the best of what he's learned to his clients, without some of the drawbacks that the framework of psychotherapy can bring.

Looking back he reflects that his life’s work has been finding what it means to live well, to really and truly live well. Not according to somebody else’s ideals, not in the manner of a cookie cutter of superficial advice, but what it means for a given person to make the most of his or her gifts and limitations, and to create and embody a truly wonderful life. Dr. Wade's work today as a Life Coach is to help his clients to reach for their goals in the service of creating a truly wonderful life, given the realities of their life as it is.

What's Discussed:

Is happiness a goal or something more?

What makes a happy life?

What role does true grit hold for us?

What are the main ingredients of courage and how can we build it?

One simple trick to focus and embolden courage.

 Learn More with Links:

Dr. Wade's Website: http://www.drjoelwade.com

Dr. Wade's Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/happypodcast

Jim's Website: WayOfTheRenaissanceMan.com


FreedomFest: FreedomFest.com


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