Fighting the Intellectual Battles of our Time with Rockstar Philosopher Stephen Hicks

Let me in the Way of the Renaissance Man!

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Welcome to Season 2 of the Way of the Renaissance Man podcast.

Our first season was a big success, and I want to thank all of you for listening and spreading the word about the show. If you like this podcast, I encourage you to tell your friends about it, and to follow us on social media. Also feel free to tag, post and link about the show, as that’s a great way to spread the word virtually throughout the entire world.

This season, I will continue speaking with many more interesting Renaissance Men, and Women, who can help us identify, understand and assimilate the key ingredients essential to constructing a life well lived.

Welcome to the Way the Renaissance Man podcast.

This is a show about ideas, personal empowerment, and celebrating the rational life. Our goal is to help each other discover the tools needed to better focus our minds, integrate our thoughts with actions, and live the lives we really want with your host Jim Woods.

Who's On:

This episode, Jim speaks with philosopher Stephen Hicks during FreedomFest 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dr. Hicks is a professor of Philosophy at Rockford University, and the Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship. He’s also a Senior Scholar at The Atlas Society.

Over the past year, Dr. Hicks has become a prominent public intellectual, appearing on many podcasts and television shows. His work on the subject of postmodernism and its application to today’s cultural climate is just one of the many subjects that has vaulted him into the limelight.

What's Discussed:

In this discussion, you’ll discover the importance of understanding postmodernism, as well as other pathological cultural movements. You’ll also learn why both Jim and Dr. Hicks agree that the only solution to bad ideas are good ideas.

The stakes are high, and the fight for a culture that respects individuals, freedom and rationality is a deadly serious enterprise.

Yet listening to this conversation, you get the sense that these are two benevolent, life-loving warriors on a mission to promote reason.

And much more…

Learn More with Links:

Stephen Hicks Website: https://www.stephenhicks.org/

FreedomFest Website: https://www.freedomfest.com/

The Atlas Society Website: https://atlassociety.org/

Jim's Websites:

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