Helping Musicians Achieve Greater Wellness

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Helping Musicians Achieve Greater Wellness

Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man, helping musicians achieve greater wellness.

The music you’ll hear is an excerpt from a song written and performed by today’s guest, Dr. David Allan.

David is a Renaissance Man in the true sense. He’s an accomplished jazz guitarist, pianist, and trumpet player, and his early career and formal educational background is in music.

Yet like so many Renaissance Men, David is a seeker, and after pursuing his music career for a number of years, he began looking into ways to help people, and his fellow musicians, enhance their wellness and live better, healthier lives.

In this episode, you’ll learn all about David’s journey, and his approach to integrated wellness, one that incorporates chiropractic care, posture and movement education, exercise, lifestyle, and nutrition.

You’ll also learn about David’s new wellness program designed specifically for musicians. This program is aimed at eliminating muscle, nerve, and joint pain caused by repetitive use injuries, while also teaching musicians how to build good physical habits that can enhance and extend their careers.

Plus, you’ll also discover how Jim overcame his own persistent music-related wrist injury with David’s expert treatment.

And now, here’s Jim’s fascinating conversation with Dr. David Allan.

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For more great resources and inspiration visit WayOfTheRenaissanceMan.com
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