Investor Kevin O’Leary Enters the Renaissance Man’s Shark Tank

Let me in the Way of the Renaissance Man!

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Up next on way of the Renaissance Man, investor Kevin O’Leary enters the Renaissance
Man shark tank….

Kevin O’Leary, also known by his nickname, “Mr. Wonderful,” is one of the stars of the
CNBC show “Shark Tank,” a favorite TV program of this entrepreneurial Renaissance

In this episode, I turn the tables on Mr. Wonderful as he enters the Renaissance Man
shark tank to talk about his new company, cryptocurrency trading platform WonderFi.
The interview took place on the cusp of an interesting time for cryptocurrency, as the big
June 2022 swoon in the price of Bitcoin has rattled investors, along with many companies
in the industry.

According to O’Leary, what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies really need to flourish is,
ironically, some industry regulation, and as he puts it, “that’s when the real money is
going to come into it.”

Along with WonderFi CEO Ben Samaroo, O’Leary explains that despite the hype of
cryptocurrencies, the big money players such as pension funds and sovereign wealth
funds have yet to embrace the asset class.

Once this happens, which will take a regulated, compliant and transparent platform such
as that provided by WonderFi, the big gains in cryptocurrencies will really begin.

I very much enjoyed my discussion with Mr. Wonderful and his partner Ben Samaroo,
and it couldn’t come at a more interesting time for the cryptocurrency industry.

And now, my interview with Kevin O’Leary and Ben Samaroo…




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