Memorial Day Gratitude

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Welcome to today's Audio Essay “Memorial Day Gratitude” from Way Of The Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

Audio Essay Memorial Day Gratitude from Way Of The Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

Memorial Day Gratitude

The unofficial beginning of summer is almost here, and that, of course, is Memorial Day weekend. And while this Memorial Day weekend will be different than any we’ve ever had, the traditions of backyard barbecues, trips to the beach and even road trips are still going to take place—even if they involve masks, gloves and six-feet between us.
The reason why is because we’re Americans, and it’s just not in our nature to shelter humbly in place because we’ve been told we have to. Yes, we’ve all pretty much done that over the past two months, but given the holiday weekend and great weather in much of the country, you can bet we’ll still do as much of the “normal” things we’ve always done to celebrate this unofficial commencement of summer.

Of course, first and foremost we must remember the reason for this holiday weekend, and that is it’s our opportunity to honor and remember the men and women who paid the ultimate price in defense of a grateful nation. I say grateful not lightly, because it is gratitude for those who have died to defend America, her people, and her values that we all must pause and soak in this weekend.
Indeed, it’s this sense of gratitude that’s motivated many Americans, me included, to have chosen to serve in the military. You see, it’s because of people willing to fight to the death to defend us all that we are able to have backyard barbecues, take walks on the beach, and pretty much live with a sense of safety and security from bellicose threats.
And now, even as the biggest threat to the world comes from a viral RNA strand, Americans on the front-lines of our healthcare war are confronting this scourge with as much valor and fortitude as our military heroes. That’s why this Memorial Day, I will also be raising a glass to toast the fallen combatants, and the victims, who have lost their lives fighting this microscopic war.
So, this Memorial Day weekend, please take pause to honor a fallen soldier, sailor, airman, Marine or healthcare worker who lost their lives in defense of us all. Even better, if you personally know family members or close friends working to protect us all, take a little bit of your free time to call and thank them, too. They are likely hurting even more during this pandemic, so do what you can to ease their pain. It will make them feel better, and it will definitely make you feel better.
In The Name Of The Best Within Us,
Jim Woods Renaissance Man

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