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Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man… putting one fake foot in front of the other, with a truly inspiring American hero.

Welcome to today's show from Way Of The Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods.

Some men, when faced with overwhelming, life-shattering adversity, choose to embrace the circumstance. And in doing so, they live a life of epic inspiration.

In this episode, Jim speaks with just such a man, former Army soldier and retired police officer, Steve Martin.

Steve is an Afghanistan war veteran whose battlefield injuries cost him both of his legs.

Yet rather than allow that to stop him, Steve chose to overcome his personal battles, conquer his inner demons, and live a life that we all can aspire to.

From overcoming pain medications and becoming one of the first double-amputee field police officers in the country, to becoming an athlete whose participation in high-profile competitions has elevated awareness for life after amputation, Steve is a man whose mindset we all can learn from.

If you want to be inspired by a real-life hero and learn about his new adventure with Friends of Freedom USA, then Jim’s conversation with Steve Martin is just what you’ve been looking for.

The show Jim references with David Haddad can be found here titled, “A Conversation with the Bard of Fine Cigars and Prohibition-era Spirits.”

To find out more about Steve's Ride and how you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of veterans and first responders transitioning into civilian life, visit FriendsOfFreedomUSA.org

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