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A Renaissance Man is always in pursuit of knowledge. With only so many hours in the day, how can you develop professionally without spending hours trying to gain the strategies to make you more effective?


Simple. I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Readitfor.me, the #1book summary service for executives and entrepreneurs.

Join tens of thousands of leaders around the world including yours truly, who use Readitfor.me to learn the biggest ideas from the world’s best leadership, sales, marketing and personal development books, in less than 12 minutes. And do it for free.

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I'll be sharing 3 of their best animated video summaries every week. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a new video every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as a regular subscriber.

You will begin to receive a special link to view these titles and in future weeks we'll let you know what titles are being featured at the beginning of every week.
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