Shaquille O’Neal Kicks off Season Four Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

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Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man, a conversation with basketball legend and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal.

When you grow up in Los Angeles like Jim did, the Lakers are practically a religion. In this kickoff episode from Season 4 of the podcast, Jim speaks with one of the high priests of the Laker religion, the great Shaquille O’Neal.

In addition to being one of the world’s most recognizable athletes, Shaq also is one of the most sought-after corporate spokesmen, and he’s an active investor in the companies he represents.

In this conversation with Shaq and Alkaline Water Company Chairman Aaron Keay, you’ll learn about how Shaquille decides what business projects to get into, and how engaged he is in making those deals work.

You’ll also discover how he got involved with Alkaline88, the only brand of premium bottled water that both Shaq and Jim drink and endorse.

Plus, you’ll also learn all about Shaq’s influences and mentors, both on the court and in business. And, you will find out how Jim and Shaq first met some three decades ago, before Shaq was even in the NBA.

If you’ve always wanted to peek into the mind of a legendary athlete, and an extremely successful businessman, then listen to Jim’s fascinating conversation with Shaquille O’Neal.

For my professional analysis of Alkaline Water Company, download my free report here.

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