Significance of July 22nd

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Significance of July 22nd

Welcome to today's audio presentation from Way Of The Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

It’s July 22, and for lovers of literature, and specifically those who love the work of novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, today’s date has a certain glorious significance.

In Rand’s magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged, July 22 is the date that the John Galt Line is officially opened.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the novel, just start reading it today. You can write in and thank me in about a month when you’ve finished.

If you are familiar with this masterpiece, you know that the John Galt Line is the transcontinental railroad built by the protagonist Dagny Taggart. A transcontinental railroad made with a new kind of metal, Reardon Metal, which lasts three times longer than any other metal and which costs less to produce than other metals, thereby allowing its inventor, Hank Reardon, to capture huge profits.

Today's reading is a selection from  Rand's  opus, read by Heather Wagenhals.
Here we enter into chapter eight and the scene where Dagny Taggart is holding a press conference regarding the first run of the controversial John Galt line.

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