Taking a few Trips Around the Sun Sharing Life’s Wisdom Featuring Crosby Ruff

Let me in the Way of the Renaissance Man!

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Taking a few trips around the sun, and sharing life’s wisdom with retired Air Force and commercial airline pilot Crosby Ruff.

When someone sees you at a professional investing conference and says, “Hey, I really like your stuff,” you know that’s a pathway to making a new and deep friendship.

That’s how Jim and former Air Force and Delta Airlines pilot Crosby Ruff met. And after enjoying a beer together, Jim and Crosby discovered they had a whole lot more in common than just the military and a love of investing.

Welcome to the Way the Renaissance Man podcast.

This is a show about ideas, personal empowerment, and celebrating the rational life. Our goal is to help each other discover the tools needed to better focus our minds, integrate our thoughts with actions, and live the lives we really want with your host Jim Woods.

This season, I will continue speaking with many more interesting Renaissance Men, and Women, who can help us identify, understand and assimilate the key ingredients essential to constructing a life well lived.

Who's On:

Today’s guest from our FreedomFest interviews is retired Air Force and commercial airline pilot Crosby Ruff.

What's Discussed:

In this episode, you’ll learn about Crosby’s journey from college student to Air Force pilot, and from schoolteacher to commercial airline pilot.

Plus, hear the fascinating story of Crosby’s close brush with death, and how his decisive action during an intense nor’easter storm narrowly averted the disaster of his commercial airliner plunging into the frigid waters surrounding Newark Airport.

Crosby Ruff is an example of someone who lives the Renaissance Man ethos. A man whose exhibited extreme grace under pressure, and someone who trusts himself and his training to get through the most extreme circumstances.

It’s often said that people come into your life that make a lasting impression. Crosby Ruff is one of those people, and you’ll find out why in this episode.

And, so much more…

And now, here’s Jim’s conversation with Crosby Ruff…

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