Talking Politics, Ideas, and Gold With Good Friend Rich Checkan

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Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man… talking politics, ideas, and gold with a good friend.

What do you get when you bring two Renaissance Men together to discuss the current political, social, and financial market craziness? You get a really fun, lively, and informative conversation between Jim and former U.S. Army officer, West Point graduate, and current expert on investing in precious metals, Rich Checkan of Asset Strategies International. In this episode, Jim and Rich talk about the Capitol Hill insurrection, the state of societal discord, the importance of listening to others, and the current and future prospects for investing in gold and other precious metals. If you want to sit in on two friends discussing critical topics of the day, and how to approach them Renaissance Man style, then this is the podcast for you. And now, here’s Jim’s conversation with Rich Checkan. Rich Checkan's website: AssetStrategies.com   WayOfTheRenaissanceMan.com/store for Way of the Renaissance Man Fans is open. Grab your stylish t-shirt, gaiters, stickers and Way of the Renaissance Man art, too! Just visit the website now! Now, we want to hear from you! Would like to share your opinion or make a comment on the Way of the Renaissance Man podcast? If so, then please leave your comment or questions in the space provided below and share this article with your friends and family on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your comments or question could be chosen as our featured Ask the Renaissance Man Anything on a future episode. For more great resources and inspiration visit WayOfTheRenaissanceMan.com

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