The Wisdom of Pangur Ban with Jim Woods and his cat Danica
Courtesy of Jim Woods and Danica

I and Pangur Ban my cat,

’Tis a like task we are at:

Hunting mice is his delight,

Hunting words I sit all night.

— Robin Fowler, “The Scholar and His Cat, Pangur Ban”

There’s an old Irish adage that says, “Never trust a man who doesn’t like cats.” Well, I like cats. I like them because a cat is an independent spirit that adds warmth and beauty to one’s life. We also can learn a lot from cats.

The Wisdom of Pangur Ban with Jim Woods and his cat Danica
Courtesy of Jim Woods and Danica

Cats go about their business hunting mice, sleeping, playing and interacting with humans. We humans go about the business of productive achievement, nurturing relationships with family and friends, engaging in pleasurable pursuits and training our minds and bodies to battle life’s dragons. And like cats, we are capable of doing it all with graceful aplomb — if we allow ourselves to do so.

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  1. They say you can best judge a man by how he handles tangled Christmas lights, puppies and small children. I am in agreement with you… just stumbled across this~I look forward to exploring and sharing this with the men in my life. Both my hubby & son are cat men.

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