Why Most Businesses Fail in the First Five Minutes Featuring JP Mendocha and Gabe Bautista

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Up next on Way of the Renaissance Man why most businesses fail in the first five minutes featuring John Paul Mendocha and Gabe Bautista.

Did you know most businesses fail in the first five minutes?

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This is a show about ideas, personal empowerment, and celebrating the rational life. Our goal is to help each other discover the tools needed to better focus our minds, integrate our thoughts with actions, and live the lives we really want with your host Jim Woods.

This season, I will continue speaking with many more interesting Renaissance Men, and Women, who can help us identify, understand and assimilate the key ingredients essential to constructing a life well lived.

Who's On:

Today’s guests are John Paul Mendocha and Gabe Bautista.

What's Discussed:

It’s often said that more than half of new businesses fail during the first year, but that’s actually a bit too optimistic. The fact is most businesses fail in the first five minutes.

That’s the premise and the title of the new book by John Paul Mendocha and Gabe Bautista, two of the nation’s leading business consultants.

In this episode, John Paul and Gabe join Jim at his ranch for an intimate dining room conversation about why most businesses are doomed to fail from the start, why it usually takes several years to realize it, and why correct positioning is the real key for anyone who wants to create a successful enterprise.

More importantly, you’ll find out how and why John Paul and Gabe are both Renaissance Men, and why Jim is so excited to share their eclectic backgrounds, experience, and their years of hard-earned knowledge and wisdom about how to properly position your business, and your life.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn why some businesses succeed while others fail miserably, then this episode is positioned to win just for you.

And now… here’s Jim’s conversation with John Paul Mendocha, and Gabe Bautista.

Learn More with Links:

John Paul Mendocha and Gabe Bautista's Website: PositionToWinBook.com

FreedomFest Website: https://www.freedomfest.com/


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