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Up next on way of the Renaissance Man, Will AI destroy Humankind Featuring Robert Deadman —and other lighthearted subjects.

Way of the Renaissance Man Starring Jim Woods

Will AI destroy humankind—and other lighthearted subjects.

That’s the serious, yet playfully intriguing discussion I had with my friend, computer scientist, investor and fellow Renaissance Man, Robert Deadman (and yes, that is his real last name).

Robert is one of those rare individuals who possesses a breadth of knowledge that he can eloquently translate into casual conversation, even about such advanced and interesting topics as the rise of Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and the potential benefits and dangers of this technology.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Robert and I discuss the current state of AI, and what the future holds for this ubiquitous technology.

Topics here include such questions as…

At what point will AI begin making its own decisions?

How far away is this circumstance?

What is the role of quantum computing in this question?

Will AI actually have “free will”?

When will the move from “Artificial Intelligence” become “Artificial Sentience”?

Can we solve the so-called “Alignment” problem of AI, and how can we really understand this concept?

I absolutely loved this conversation with the fascinating Robert Deadman, and at the risk of alienating my other guests, I must say that this was my favorite podcast yet—and I hope you think so as well.

And now, my interview with Robert Deadman.




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