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The Wisdom of Pangur Ban

Check out my reference to an old Irish adage and my thoughts on cats here.

The Wisdom of Pangur Ban with Jim Woods and his cat Danica
Courtesy of Jim Woods and Danica

Check out my special guest and war hero, Saber Rock

Saber Rock Nasseri on Way of the Renaissance Man starring Jim Woods

In this interview from the FreedomFest conference, you’ll hear his heart-wrenching personal story of valor, comradery, humor, pain, loss, action, adventure—and his fight back from death’s door to become a real-life hero here.

How You Park Your Car is How You Approach Life

How You Park Your Car is How You Approach Life By Heather Wagenhals for Way of the Renaissance Man Jim Woods

Check out Way of the Renaissance Man contributor Heather Wagenhals as she shares her thoughts on parking styles and how they correspond to life approach here.

And the Winner is… America

and the winner is america by jim woods way of the renaissance man from jim woods investing

Check out my latest article where I share my view of the midterm election results and what that means for America here.

Check out my special guest this week Retired FBI Special Agent Executive John Iannarelli.

jim woods interviews fbi counterterrorism expert john iannerelli on way of the renaissance man

John engages us with thought-provoking conversation from FreedomFest about the importance of being prepared, the value of achievement, and how to spot a terrorist here.



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